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The Gerlucc is an organization genuinely Brazilian, leader in the manufacture, distribution, import and export of components for mattresses, upholstery and box industries.

Founded in the year 1993, presents, throughout this trajectory transfer new technologies for the domestic market, such as the development of components that have made it possible to our customers the modernisation of products, as well as the increase of the competitiveness in their markets.

Besides the Gerlucc Industry the company operates globally in the import and export of articles for the furniture industry, sharing technologies that ensure the development to its customers; in Brazil and Mercosur countries became the largest reference in the manufacture and distribution products for the furniture industry, upholstered, sofa and mattresses.

This innovative spirit maintains the company in constant growth in the areas of administration, marketing, operational, human and physical.

As an environment ­friendly and socially responsible company, it has always been concerned with its raw­ material suppliers and final consumers satisfaction.

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Av. Adília Barbosa Neves, 3121, Centro Industrial
        Arujá - SP - CEP: 07413-000, Brazil

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